I’m Joey and this is a chronicle of my many gardens, both metaphorical and literal.

I tend to use my avocado trees as the starting point of my current gardening habit and they are nearly a decade old now. In that time the two trees have dealt with a lot

Why I started the blog

The nature of social media sites online has changed a great deal in the last decade. In that time I’ve nearly fully removed myself from popular platforms while still desiring a space to present my ideas for others. I have written a great deal in that time, just not in a shareable format. This space is an attempt at splitting the difference, since it is not on a major social media platform (depending on your definition of WordPress) I have far more nuanced control, and can place my writings here where they can join the greater online community through the google algorithm, not merely being seen by my friends or subscribers, but anyone searching for the keywords I’m penning.

What You'll Find Here

This space is a lot of things.

It’s a portfolio of my work to establish myself as a professional writer.

It’s designed to support itself, linked to google ads so someday it can generate some small revenue, hopefully enough to pay for continued server space. The bespoke address isn’t free.

It’s a way to interact with a community of like-minded people. I hope to respond to comments and collaborate with similar creators.

It’s a place to tell my story. As I journey in the Peace Corps, I want a space for my friends and family to follow and feel connected to the adventure. I want that space to be more than Facebook, more than just simple blog posts.